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We Make Supply Chain Solutions That Help Your Business Grow

DBB facilitates world-class freight services across the globe. We have been making the best possible efforts to improve our services to ensure and provide maximum satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

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Air Freight

Airfreight remains the best option if you have time constraints for your shipments. Besides providing with the timely deliveries and customer satisfaction, we ensure proper inspection and cargo handling as well.


Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most pocket-friendlier ways of shipments. If there is no time constraint with you, then you should rather go for it. It is more convenient besides incurring you a lower price as compared to Air and Road freights.

Ground Shipping

Ground shipping is an important part of the shipping works whether through Air, Sea or the Railways. It collects your shipment from the place of pickup and then delivers that at the required destinations.


If you seek from us long term storage or multiple storages across the country, we can help you out with that. You don't need to have multiple numbers of different warehouses while you can just have one contact for all.


Custom clearance is one of the major task in freight services and we understand our customers pain of custom clearance hence we provide end to end custom support and solution to our customers


When you want to expand your business and seek trades with the global markets, there is an ardent need to abide by the laws and regulations of the respective regions in the global markets you deal in.

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Reason to choose us

Greater customer satisfaction

Our clients made us who we are today so do we also try to provide them with the maximum satisfaction.

Easy international shipping

Wide range of services and door-to-door shipping options available for your shipping needs across borders.


We provide you with the best estimate of time and the expenses involved in freight along with through guidance.


We provide discounted prices for the shipments and never charge too high from our clients for the services offered.

Trusted services

We have a team of experts that will take care of your order from the time it is picked until delivered.

One stop shop

We are the one-stop solution for all your shipment needs whether they be through Air or Sea or Railways.

Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam MD. Delivery Beyond Boundaries aims to build a bond between the clients on trust. He further plans to make DBB a leading freight forwarding company in the market. It is with the ample guidance and efforts of both the key members that DBB has been constantly soaring high.

Aamir Islam

The vision and thought behind creating DBB worldwide as a customer-centric product that shapes who we are today going to none other than our Founder, Mr Aamir Islam. His untiring efforts, dedication and visionary approach made DBB reach new heights each

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The Faces Behind Our Success

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