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The shipping process involves the following steps:

Once the shipment is finalized the exporter reserves the required space in the vessel or aircraft for shipment. On his request DBB will issue an AWB or B/L. The draft copy of AWB or B/L is given to the exporter for approval. AWB or B/L is like an instruction to the airlines or vessel operator that the goods as per details given should be received on board.

Here DBB makes arrangements to ship the goods to the port through the most convenient vehicle having all the specific tools required for the items.

The exported is required to issue detailed documents and submit them to the DBB. This includes AWB/BL instructions, custom documents to file shipping bill in customs and executing TC.

The cargo must be custom cleared before being boarded on the ship or plane. The custom appraiser ensures that all the formalities related to exchange control, quality control, pre- shipment inspection and licensing have been complied with the exporter. After verification, custom officials issue LEO (LET EXPORT ORDER).

The cargo is then on its way to the destination.

The post shipment documents are sent to the exporter by the shipping company bearing all the details of the shipment.

We Have Great Answers


DBB provides an individual logistics solution for almost everything. Depending on your goods, our team suggests the best freight solution.

Ans: The minimum weight we recommend is 25 kg, less than that we recommend to be delivered by courier mode.

Ans: There is no limit. We can ship from pin to a plane.

Ans: The delivery of your shipment depend on your requirements. DBB can customize a solution that can meet your specific needs.

Ans: Orders may be tracked from the DBB website under ‘Track my order ‘box on the side panel.

Ans: You may contact a representative in DBB‘s customer support department or may send an email at info[at]dbbworldwide[dot]com

Ans: Custom clearance involves submission of required documents to facilitate import and export of goods into a country, representing the client during custom examination, assessment, payment of duty, delivery of Cargo after clearance along with the documents.

Dangerous goods are all loads, which under certain circumstances of transportation or storage may harm the environment, people and/or property; may cause explosion or fire, damage vehicles, buildings and/or constructions, as well as cause death, injury, poisoning, burns or diseases of people, animals and/or birds.

Ans: Cargo insurance is not mandatory but we highly recommend it as it covers all the damage of the goods in any instance.

Ans: We accept cheque and bank transfer.

Ans: Basically it requires a KYC( Know Your Customer ) Invoice, Packing list, SDF & Drawback Annexures , AWB or B/L instructions and other specific documentation as specified by customs, or as required by the other government agencies based on the commodity we are exporting.

Ans: Basically it requires a KYC( Know Your Customer ) AWB or B/L Invoice, Packing list and other specific documentation as specified by destination customs, or as required by the other government agencies based on the commodity we are importing.

Ans: Airway bill and BL is an assigned number specific to the shipment by Airlines or Sea line which is used to make bookings, check status of delivery and current position of shipment.