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air freight

DBB provides air freight forwarding services for both domestic and international. We understand the value of your time, money and most importantly your decision of choosing us and thus aim to provide a better quality service with reasonable costing. Sending shipments through air is like adding wings to it. Sometimes there are shipments that need to be shipped as quickly as possible then air freight is the quickest way of shipping goods. 

We take our client’s repute as our own and thus serve them by ensuring timely shipment of time bound commitments. No matter what your timeline and budget is, we always have a freighting option for you. Faster, secured and timely transits are always made through DBB because we have motives beyond making money. 

We can collect your goods from anywhere and safely transport them at the desired destination. We ask our clients to pack their goods in such a way so that it is easy for us to collect .We can also provide packaging materials if required. As an expertise in the field of air transportation service we manage your shipment from door to destination. Our team can handle your documentation, supervise the entire process and manage ground transportation and ensure that everything is done within time limit.

Ocean of Opportunities

sea freight

When you can afford to wait for a while and are not bound with deadlines, Sea freight is something you can consider. Sea freight is the most pocket friendly mode of shipment comparative to Air and Road shipping, but takes a little more time to reach on destination. Though our specialized team works constantly to reduce transit time and deliver the shipment a fast as possible.

We offer:- Full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL)
Bulk container shipping

Unending Roads

Ground shipping

Ground shipping constitutes the backbone of transportation creating a wide network of transit chain linking railways, roadways, airports and seaports. Whether you wish to send your shipment across the town/country or around the world ground shipping comes into play. We at DBB ensure that there is always an appropriate vehicle available with every necessary equipment’s required for your freight. We can pick up your goods from anywhere and safely transport them at the desired destination. Our team is always extra careful while handling your goods.

Your stock Is Yours


Trading in global market is more of a challenge and all the businesses must abide by the laws and regulations of Global trade. Maintaining compliance with guidelines and rules of International trade is of utmost importance for national and international security. To combat these challenges our expertise DBB team work relentlessly. With experience of custom clearance and great knowledge of these rules and regulations, DBB provides safe and reliable services.

All the items imported and exported have to be custom cleared .Custom clearance procedure involves submission of required documents. This applies to items brought in as personal effects and also imported by trade and business establishments including governmental agencies. Necessary duties have to be paid before the goods are released by customs.

DBB acts as our client’s representative during the process, making it all the simpler. Our redefined services are convenient and trustworthy.

Guide to Success


DBB expertise lies in the fact that we can provide an individual solution for heavy loads worldwide. The complexity of these shipments include requirement of specialist equipment’s of transportation from origin to destination.

Our continuous efforts to provide better services has led DBB to establish a rigorous team of professionals who manage and monitor logistics planning for complex and heavy projects throughout the world.
DBB has local contacts and alliance with team of expert professionals, providing infrastructure and special equipment’s which allow us to handle shipments with customized solutions guaranteeing complete satisfaction of clients. DBB ensures that all collaborating partners work in a coordinating manner to deliver better results

Space to Fit Everything


Our company provides a wide range of warehousing options for both short term and long term storage. While serving almost every industry, we always make sure that there is a warehousing option suitable for the specific needs of the goods /products. Our warehouse service ensures greater security and handling of goods on account of latest mechanical devices used in handling and preserving the goods. We provide you with best of warehousing solutions using best tools, processes and system, enabling you to fulfill your business commitments to your customers throughout the world.

Our Services Include Receiving and issuing of supplies.(pick, pack, lift). Quality control and verification. Storage of goods. Documentation flow. Special measures to protect goods from loss, damage, environmental impacts ensuring better security and protection.

industries we serve

Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding of the relevant regulations. The emphasis of the company is to provide complete dangerous goods logistics service to the customer. This is why DBB offers a wide variety of services that helps support and reassures our customers with all aspects of handling dangerous goods.

Pharmaceutical industry

Agility’s solutions meet the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry by providing a range of services, including storage in multiple temperature zones, cold-chain solutions, reverse logistics and advanced tracking and tracking technologies, which ensure total supply chain visibility, and reporting on merchandise flows across all modes of transport.

Automotive industry

With DBB transportation of automobiles especially two wheelers and four wheelers, trucks, and commercial vehicles has been made easy and simple throughout the Globe as it takes a lot of experience and expertise in which we excel.


We specialize in shipping all types of machinery to any part of the world. We provide safe and secure transport of aircraft engines, landing gears, fuselages and a wide variety of other aerospace and aeronautical components.

Sports Goods

The sports goods industry is growing and so does its demand. Be it inflatable balls, cricket bat and leg pads, rugby balls, sports nets and gymnasium and athletic equipment’s; everything can be moved with greatest ease with DBB..


Perishable goods (like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products) are generally those items which gets spoiled over time under exposure to temperature changes and other environmental aspects such as altitude, heat, moisture etc. Such products need to be handled and stored with specific procedure.

jewelry and handicraft industry

The flow of culture and traditions all around the globe facilitate people to share their ideas. DBB let people share those ideas and expand their horizons by making g the shipping easy and simple. From fashion jewelry to fashion

Textile industry

Considered as one of the most important sector of an economy, the production and consumption of textiles is an increasingly global affair and keeping in mind the growing demand of textiles we offer the most convenient .