10 Things to Know About a Logistic Service Provider

Logistics has become a huge part of any business. Subsequently, there has been a growth in demand for third party logistical service providers in the market as not every business can afford the cost of an in-house logistics department. However, finding the most suited freight forwarding agency is a task which requires deep research. To help you finalize on an international custom clearance agent, here are 10 pointers that you should keep in mind:-

1. Experience in a Particular Industry

The first point that you should keep in mind is to look for a freight forwarder who is experienced in operating in the industry you are running your business in. The reasons are:

● Will know in and out about documentation process.
● Knowledge the adequate storage and packaging techniques of products.
● Understanding of transportation practices that needs to be followed.

All these reasons will minimize the transit time and loss of goods due to any damage. Thus, making the process efficient and effective.

2. Reputation in the Market

Always keep in mind that a good reputation of anyone that you are in business with is a reflection of their work ethics and goodwill as well as your own. Hence, enquire about an international cargo shipping agency before availing their service. A few things that help you determine of a freight forwarder are:

● Market feedback.
● Current client roaster.
● Past growth.
● Yearly turnover.

3. Network Coverage

The next factor that you should consider while finalizing upon a freight forwarder is their global footprint. You should always look for a supply chain management service provider which supports your operations across various international boundaries with a scope to be there for expansion of your operations. If you have to hire multiple logistics service providers to support your business fully, it will add to your cost of operating and create unnecessary confusion. Hence, it is always favorable to find a freight forwarder to meet your requirements fully.

4. Reliability

Most organizations use the services of a third party supply chain management organizations. The reason behind it is to decrease the cost of operations and avail expert knowledge of third party logistics agency. This leads to depending on an external factor for running a business smoothly. Hence, you should make sure that you can rely on the chosen international freight forwarding agency to handle the scope of your operations.

5. Price

As mentioned in the pervious factor, one reason for availing services from a third party logistical service provider is to minimize the cost. Hence, price can also be an important factor in deciding whether to employ services of a freight forwarder.

6. Flexibility in Operations

Different businesses have different needs and demands and require different solutions. It is important that the 3PL service provider you choose understands your business’s requirements and provides you with a custom-made solution to you.

7. Infrastructure Capabilities

While looking out for the optimum solutions to your business’s logistical needs, make sure that the warehousing facility can provide a suitable storage environment for your products.

8. Packaging and Transportation

In order to transport your products safely and timely, the right packaging and mode of transportation is required. It is your duty to make these conditions clear to your international logistical agency with best communication practices. It will help you in saving time.

9. Live Tracking

Another important factor that comes into play is if the 3PL service provider can keep you up-to-date with the location of your products in transit. Being able to track the location of your goods helps you get an estimate time of delivery and ensures safety of goods

10. Location

The location of your international customs clearance agency should be easily accessible through various modes of transport. A remote location will make the whole process time-consuming and expensive.

In the fast paced market, finding the right logistical partner is important. These 10 pointers will help you finalize on the best suited freight forwarding agency for you at the earliest. This, in turn, will maximize your profits.